Discover the French Touch with our unique FILLMED treatment protocols, using medical grade products with a heritage of 40 years. A little tip, anything in BOLD has a secret video attached for you to explore more about FILLMED in moving picture.

CryoLED with Skin Perfusion including Chemical Peel

There are different approaches to choose from when opting for a CryoLED treatment. Bio Nutri Glow is a protocol primarily using the benefits of LED (Light Emitting Diode) which has proven results in stimulating and building the thickness of skin, healing qualities and kills the bacteria that produces spots. Used alongside Skin perfusions Chemical Peel and NCTF135ha which delivers nutrients to the skin, the Bio Nutri Glow can be performed before a special event or night out for that Red Carpet experience.

The Cryotherapy treatments are designed to give instant face lifting results, with skin boosting benefits and long term skin quality improvement. During the treatment, you experience a Light or Bright Chemical Peel, followed by a unique experience of massage using the -18 degree Cryotherapy hand piece. In combination with the Cryo probe, active ingredients from serums are used. They have been developed to target skin concerns. The Cryo probe delivers thermal shock to the skin and stimulates blood flow, collagen and elastin! The results are radiant, plumped skin, with a lifted and tightened effect. To extend results, you can experience Skin Perfusion at home care. Whoever said ‘beauty is pain’ never tried CryoLED. Find your nearest skin specialist here. Click here




Nano Soft with NCTF135ha or MHA10


BeautifEYE – Bio Nutri Neck

Target these delicate areas with Beautif-Eye or Bio Nutri Neck, FILLMEDs treatment to refresh tired eyes, rewind time on fine lines and wrinkles and reduce dark circles. In an era of mobile phones, the age in which we see lines forming around the neck area are reducing. Whether for prevention or in a bid to cure, we have the answer. The treatment includes a Chemical Peel followed by micro injections using Nano Soft with NCTF135ha , which is 3 crystal silicone needles, designed to deliver NCTF135ha our skin hero, to the perfect depth, creating a perfect skin eco system. If your skin goal is GLOW, this is the treatment for you. To find out more about NCTF135ha, ask your skin specialist. Watch a video of the Beautif-Eye treatment here and the Bio Nutri Neck treat0ment here

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Bio Nutri Lift & Bio Nutri Lips

Filler is a wonderful creation, allowing us to restore, replace, repair and restructure. Its made with ingredients already existing in our bodies and therefore is well tolerated. At FILLMED we believe it is a privilege to age, but that doesn’t mean we have to let ageing take control. Most of us do as much as we can to stay fit and healthy, looking at what we eat, trying to exercise regularly to keep our minds and bodies fit and well. Therefore choosing a treatment like filler is a way to look after our appearance and skin in the same sort of way. Its a fact that looking good, makes us feel good, that is give us confidence. Our FILL-osophy, is wellbeing from the inside out, natural results achieved by using powerful products. Bio Nutri Lift or Bio Nutri Lips, gives medical professionals the power to COMBINE products for optimal results. Yes, Art Filler is great by itself, but like any good meal, its the herbs and spices that add the flavour, the WOW factor.  The secret to our recipe is the inclusion and combination of skin quality enhancing, active ingredients as well as Art Filler. The treatments start with a Chemical Peel, instantly renewing your skin. Then both Art Filler and NCTF135ha are injected in the same sitting, using a cannula, which is the safest method of injecting. The results are immediate, cheek bones are highlighted, jowels are lifted, skin quality over all is improved. You will continue to see improvements in your skin post treatment. Your friends will say, ‘You’re looking well, not ‘what have you had done?’ Ask you medical aesthetic expert on more information on Bio Nutri Lift and Bio Nutri Lips.

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Medical Highlighting

Makeup is part of daily routine to beautify every faces. Makeup artists have always been playing with light to reveal beauty… with famous techniques like the contouring, the strobing and more recently with the HIGHLIGHTING. This technique brings light to specific zones, in order to recreate face shape illusion. If makeup is an important step in women daily routine, it takes time, requires specific skills and needs to be done every morning.

ALL YOU NEED IS LIGHT……The light has always been a secret of beauty. Some strategic zones of the face need to be enlighted, in order to enhance the facial features. FACE SCULPTURE BY PLAYING WITH LIGHT. Laboratoires FILLMED, with more 40 years of expertise in aesthetic medicine get inspired by makeup artist techniques to create a luminous new protocol.
With injections of hyaluronic acid, it is possible to play with light, by bringing a few volume in specific zones of the face.

The doctor becomes a real artist, sculpting with the syringe these targeted zones and making them catching the light just like with a highlighter but with a long- lasting effect. No Make Up, No Filter!

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