Report an Adverse Event

Sometimes, although we take all precautionary measures and follow guidelines step by step, things can go wrong. Your Regional Sales Manager is always on hand to offer guidance and advice, however, when this isn’t quite enough we have a first responder, Dr Philippe Hamida Pisal on hand to help support you in times of concern. We kindly ask that you report any adverse events to us here at FILLMED so we can connect you with Dr Philippe Hamida Pisal for support.

For a swift response please complete the below form giving as much detail as possible, or call us on 07392 854949. In addition to this, please email us with non-identifying pictures of your patient, (providing permission is given) before, immediately after treatment and at sign of concern arising at

Following your initial logging of the event with us, we will ask you to complete the Adverse Event official reporting document, which you can download and complete here: FO.50 – Incident reporting form – Adverse Events and return it to us within 7 days of your initial notification.  You will need to email this form to but keep us in copy.