Skin Perfusion Full Clinic Training (2x 2 hour sessions) Part 1

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Thinking about using or promoting FILLMED Skin Perfusion skincare products? Or want to know what else we have in our portfolio? Join us for a brand introduction to understand our strong 40 year history as well as exploring our CE, medical grade products.

This 2 Part Course will fill you with enough information to give you the ability to confidently prescribe Skin Perfusion to your clients! Your confidence in the Products will grow once you and your clients TRY them for youselves. Both parts of the training AND a test paper to show understanding must be completed to receive Certification. Part 2 is Wednesday 29th July at 10.30am.

Part 1 – Skin Anatomy & Consultation & retail products

Part 2 – The Science behind Skin Perfusion including professional Peels and Prescribing home care. Unique Protocols to use in clinics