Bright Booster Serum (dark spots) (3 x 10ml)

BRIGHT-BOOSTER** contains 10% Glycolic acid and 2,5% Phytic acid known for their exfoliating properties and their action on reducing brown spots while also preventing the appearance of new pigmentation spots

Active Ingredients:

Glycolic acid 10% / Phytic acid 2.5% / Hexlresorcinol 1% (Melanin-block agent)

Application for Boosters:

Press down on the pump and shake before use. Apply 1 pump to clean finger and apply to the area of concern. Repeat use each evening for 10 days. Open a new bottle and repeat until you have completed your 30-day treatment. We recommend you use this on cleansed skin following SKIN PERFUSION PERFECTING SOLUTION for maximum absorption.

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