Neck and Decollete

Neck and decollete: Multi-layer approach to rejuvenate with NanoSoft and NCTF.

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Very often, women turn to cosmetic medicine to rejuvenate their faces and smooth out wrinkles. Unfortunately, the décolleté and neck are regularly forgotten.

Yet these parts are constantly in contact with the cold, wind and sun. The skin on the neck and neckline is very thin and wrinkled, which betrays the age of a person in this area. Solutions such as pulsed light and peels are useful for correcting spots and couperose, but hyaluronic acid has all the necessary properties to beautify and reduce wrinkles, but also to rehydrate these parts of the body.

In this new training, Dr. Valérie Philippon explains her techniques to meet the different needs of her patients with NanoSoft® and NCTF® products.


Event Details

Date: July 01, 2020

Venue: Virtual