Mesotherapy, Nano soft & Micro Needling with Dr Philippe Hamida Pisal – CPD accredited

A days training with our French Doctor, Dr Philippe Hamida Pisal. The President of the Society of Mesotherapy UK, Harley Street Doctor and PhD.

CPD Accredited, you must demonstrate your ability to deliver the treatments during the session to qualify for CPD. It is possible to work on other delegates, if you wish to bring a model please contact your regional manage for further instructions.

Medical Professional or Beauty Therapist Level 4 (in Mesotherapy or Microneedling required). CPD Accredited and Certified by FILLMED.

Upon confirmation of your booking, you will receive:

1 x 10 x NCTF135ha

1 x 30 x Nano Soft Needles (1 box)

1 x B3 Recovery Cream 250ml

1 x Bright Peel Kit

1 x 500ml Natrasan

These items must be brought to your training day to use in your practical session.

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Event Details

Date: October 20, 2020

Start time: 10:00

End time: 14:00

Venue: LONDON - Morning Session

Directions: PHP Aesthetics, 22 Harley Street, London. W1G 9AP

Phone: +44(0)7774038548