121 / 221 – In Clinic Training

Training fee is per person, maximum of 2. Please increase your order based on how many delegates will attend.

Training is for 4 hours and is priced based on the half day rate of our Experts time. We will select the best expert in field you require training in to ensure the best experience.

FILLMED product will need to be purchased for the training. The agenda for your bespoke training session will be agreed beforehand with the designated trainer who will contact you in advance to discuss outcomes and provide a list of  products you must have available to carry out your desired training. You will need to demonstrate competency in the procedure to get a certificate following your session which will be based on the trainers observations.

Models will not be provided. You will be responsible for providing models fit for the treatments intended. You can discuss this with your trainer and share picture and consultation information in advance. Please ensure they have or you have relevant PPE.

Upon purchasing this 121/221 training please email our team at info.uk@fillmed.com to advise who will be attending, the full address the training will take place, the desired dates and times and your training requirements. If you have any questions before completing your booking please contact us on the same email address.