Avanti Aesthetics Academy Clinic case study starter kit

This clinic starter pack gives you enough product to deliver your case study treatments to 10 patients following your Fundamental 5 Training with Avanti Aesthetics Academy. The most important thing when completing your training day is to make sure you start working on patients straight away to ensure you don’t loose your confidence and get into good habits straight away.

10 x Art Filler Lips soft 1 x 1ml

10 x Art Filler Volume 2 x 1.2ml

5 x Art Filler Universal 2 x 1.2ml

1 x Softfil Bio Nutri Lift Cannulas x 20

You will also receive in your order a FREE marketing kit which is unique to you as an Avanti delegate:

1 x Medical metal tray

2 x Stress balls

10 x Lip cold packs

10 x Eye cold packs

1 x Hand held mirror

1 x Art Filler Display – use to display syringes

2 x FILLMED black headbands

2 x Red derma pencils

2 x White derma pencils

1 x Glove box surround

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