AA Lift Serum (Firmness) 30ml tester

AA Lift Serum – Lifting effect

This serum is ideal for skin with drawn features, lack of tonicity and loss of elasticity. Enriched with Collagen and Elastin peptides, it visibly enhances cutaneous, firmness and skin elasticity. Thanks to Xylose, an essential sugar known for its anti-glycation properties, it boosts cutaneous tonicity.

Key Ingredients:
Collagen + Xylose 2%
Elastin peptide + Sorghum juice

A few questions, was The Peel training in two parts?, sorry I’ve lost track as I’m taking in so much online content.

Is the Perfusion line available in sample tubes or sachets?, I’m considering using for single client use to raise client confidence and totally eliminate possible cross contamination in a time saving manner.

Lastly I could be imagining, I know that there is a special offer for the sheet masks, did you send out and email for a home facial kit that included the sheet mask?. I’ve just started online group facials.


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