We are a French Aesthetics company, present in over 40 countries worldwide. We have been dedicated to aesthetic medicine since 1978. Experts in anti-ageing, we have developed a range of aesthetic and cosmetic treatment solutions using hyaluronic acid and high performance active ingredients. We were the 1st French laboratory to create a filler (Art Filler) with proven tissue induction.

Introduced to the UK by Rebecca Denham in 2016 originally as Filorga Medical, FILLMED has grown from strength the strength, with our incredible products and unique combination treatments, we are determined to share our passion for skin quality with true passion partners in skin! In addition to this, we offer training and support of the highest level in person and with the launch of our E-Academy. This year, we introduced two new Regional Account Managers, Amie Williams in the South and Jennifer Kinney in the North. If you would like to contact them you can book a meeting with them in the drop down menu from the Home page.


Where it all started

In Paris! Dr Michel Tordjman, a French aesthetic doctor with a particular fascination for cellular biology, founded our laboratory in 1978 . He created NCTF®, New Cellular Treatment Factor, a unique, injectable solution that corrects the effects of skin ageing. A unique combination of 59 active ingredients PLUS uncross linked Hyaluronic Acid.

Dr Tordjman’s innovations were intended to provide dermatologists and medical professionals of aesthetic medicine, with an extensive range of treatment solutions: peels, hyaluronic acid injections, mesotherapy and skincare and we have a community of practitioners who can confirm, he’s done just that.

Correct with Art Filler

Art Filler since 2017, is a range of 5 hyaluronic acid gels plus lidocaine, which can be injected into the dermis.

Art Filler uses patented Tri Hyal Technology to give natural results, restoring volume, correcting, rejuvenating wrinkles and enhancing beauty. Art Filler is manufactured in our own factory in Brussels. We are one of 7 pharmaceutical companied that produce their own filler. Art Filler boasts longevity, ease of use, soft natural results, loved by aestheticians all over the world.

With Art Filler it is possible to offer a unique and tailored approach to your patients, by combining with Peels, NCTF, Nano Soft and more.

Full training and clinic support is available from your Regional Manager and with our two incredible FILLMED Trainers. Dr Philippe Hamida Pisal, based in Harley Street and Nurse Deborah Rainbow, based on the Wirral. Contact us for more information or check out our Training and Webinar community page.

Art Filler


NCTF135ha, New Cellular Treatment Factor, is a unique combination of 59 Active ingredients PLUS hyaluronic acid. CE marked for injection purposes, the cocktail recipe has remained the same since its inception in 1978. It has undergone many studies and trials and is incompatible to other meso type products on the market. The added benefit is that it can be combined with other FILLMED products to give patients true ‘wow’ results.

FILLMED launched Nano Soft in 2019, which is a unique device, delivering NCTF, just above the epidermal junction, in the form of a papule, for absolute precision and ultimate results to improve skin quality.

Full training is available. Our Skin Quality Expert Andrew Hansford of ACH Aesthetics and our medical trainers Dr Philippe Hamida Pisal and Deborah Rainbow.


Renew the skin with Chemical Peels

Skin Perfusion Professional has a range of 3 Superficial chemical peels targeting skin quality enhancement and suitable for ALL skin types. Formulated with gluconolacctone, which is a ‘new age’ chemical used in peeling as it does not strip the skin of moisture. Instead it helps to stimulate the renewal of the epidermis.

Advised for use before ALL treatments, Skin Perfusion Chemical Peels add something extra to your treatment that is unexpected by your patients. Add GLOW as a standard and always Peels with Skin Perfusion.


At clinic and at home, Skin Perfusion

The Skin Perfusion skincare range is designed to enhance the results of aesthetic procedures and to offer a complete solution for in clinic use followed by maintenance at home.

Medi cosmeceuticals range, comprising of a small, prescriptive approach to the most common skin concerns; wrinkles, radiance, lightening, brightening, tighting, ageing. Skin Perfusion products have undergone studies to show efficacy and tolerance with proven results it works.

Download from the resource area and try the Skin Perfusion Virtual Skin Consultation with your patients. We offer a service to deliver products direct to your patients, next day, when purchased through the website.

Skin Perfusion


Since 1978, FILLMED has prided itself on providing cutting-edge, non surgical anti-ageing solutions that include line fillers, polyrevitalising injections (NCTF®), peeling and photo-stimulation (LED), Cryotherapy and skincare. Safety is at the heart of everything that we do and research and development is hugely invested in by the profits of the company each year. We have several studies running continually throughout the years with outcomes available to our passion partners.


In 2018, FILLMED launched a range of our medical grade products to into the world of Beauty Therapy. Our aim, to provide therapists and advanced therapists the means to carry out professional, results driven treatments using medical grade, safe products, CE marked for injection purposes. This list includes, NCTF, Nano Soft and Skin Perfusion. Full support and training is available to Therapist with a level 3+.

Training Events